Does My Home in Prairie Village, KS, or a Surrounding Area Require a Roof Replacement?

Roof Replacement Prairie Village KSThere are many circumstances in which it may become abundantly obvious that your home in the Prairie Village, Kansas, area, is in need of a roof replacement. For example, if you recently experienced hail or wind damage and are left with several missing shingles and a leaky roof, it is likely that you are already well aware that it’s time for a new roof. However, there are some circumstances in which it may be less clear whether or not you require a new roof.

At Bordner, we can help you determine whether or not you actually require a roof replacement for the damage your home has experienced. We will perform an initial consultation, at which we will discuss the scope of your project. But, before contacting us there are a few things you can look out for when making the decision. For example, if your roof is over 20 or 25 years it is probably time for a replacement. Experts advise that the average roof should last no longer than this timeframe so if yours is older, it’s probably time for a new roof. Also, one of the first warning signs to look out for is shingles that are beginning to curl or buckle. They may not be leaking or missing yet but this is an early warning sign that it is time for a new roof.

Qualified Roofing Company

If you have determined that it is time for a new roof at your home in Prairie Village, KS, or a surrounding area, turn to the professionals at Bordner. We will provide you with the expert guidance and experience needed to ensure that your roofing project goes off without a hitch. In fact, we feel so strongly about the products we install and the installations we provide that we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on every roofing or home improvement project we complete.

To learn more about the roof replacement options we offer to homeowners in Prairie Village, KS, and the surrounding areas, contact Bordner today. One of our highly knowledgeable team members will happily answer any questions you may have about our products and installation services.