Fall Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Go Green

As we mentioned in our recent post about fall roof maintenance, the fall and winter months are hard on your home and require a bit of maintenance before the cold weather sets in. This will ensure that your home will withstand the elements, but can also save you a lot of money! Take a look at some green tips for fall maintenance that will protect your home and help you live more sustainable.

  • “Try inserting a dollar bill in the gaps around your windows and doors.” If you can do it, you’ll need to plug that leak somehow, probably with caulk. However, in some homes it’s better to just opt for new, energy efficient windows that will help you heat and cool your home with less spent on the power bill.
  • Change the furnace filter.
  • Extension cords should never be used on a permanent basis, but if you have any lying in the yard, now’s the time to pick them up and store them away for the winter.
  • Consider having a home maintenance inspection. This will help you identify problem areas of your home that will necessitate further maintenance or a watchful eye in the future.

If your windows are causing energy loss in your home, consider new, energy-efficient windows. Bordner can help with our skilled Kansas City window installation services.


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