The Best and Worst Home "improvement" Project Values

home improvement project

You may think that any home improvement project for your Kansas City home would increase the value, but think again! According to a recent article, not all “improvements” will actually enhance the value of your home.
Beware of value-killing renovations has some great information about the right kind of home improvement projects. Some features that seem like obvious improvements can actually discourage buyers. For instance, a swimming pool or koi pond may scare off potential buyers who are worried about the maintenance required or the safety concerns.
Don’t worry though; there are some great projects that will benefit your home and also increase its value! The article states that the best ROI (return on investment) can be gained from fiber cement siding installation or replacement. At Bordner, we install fiber cement siding for many homeowners throughout Kansas City, so give us a call today to set up a consultation.
Other home improvement projects with good ROI include vinyl siding installation, steel entry door replacement, and garage door replacement. We offer all of these services to our clients, so visit our website to learn more about the value each of these projects may hold for your home.


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