Commercial & Rural Solar Solutions

Bordner® Home Improvement is proud to partner with The Solar Guys to provide commercial and rural solar solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding communities. From systems for small businesses to custom industrial and rural solutions, our knowledge and expertise when it comes to commercial solar applications is unparalleled.


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Professional Kansas City Commercial & Rural Solar Solutions

The installation of commercial solar panels is an investment in your business that begins to save you money right from the very first month. Our systems include an energy storage component that holds energy in reserve for use at peak times when rates are typically higher, thus helping to eliminate demand charges.

Lower energy bills are certainly a proven benefit of solar power, but there are other reasons that make commercial solar energy a particularly smart investment:

  • Protection against rising electricity prices
  • Maximum return from a low-risk investment
  • Eligibility for federal tax incentives
  • Reduction of your business’s carbon footprint

Our commercial solar panel installers have the training and experience needed to ensure every part of your system is installed correctly and runs efficiently.

Particularly when it comes to commercial solutions for solar power, you need to be able to rely completely on the uninterrupted operation of your system. Bordner® and The Solar Guys are here to make sure your solar power solution is working as efficiently as possible. We install, maintain and repair the highest quality solar voltaic systems.

Make an investment in your business that offers immediate benefits. Call Bordner® today, or fill out our online form now to schedule a free consultation.

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