Why Do Roofs Get Blown Off During Storms in the Kansas City, MO, Area?

Roof Storm Damage Kansas City MO

Homeowners in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest and Southwest are well aware of the dangers posed by tornadoes and other inclement weather that commonly affects the regions. Homes are susceptible to damage caused by driving rain and hail, as well as high winds. Wind gusts in particular can be problematic for homeowners because they can cause roof shingles to blow off – and in the worst cases, entire roofs can be blown off. Roofs are the first line of protection against storms, so when they are damaged and shingles are blown off, it can cause major headaches. But, why exactly do roofs get blown off during storms? How does it happen? Let’s explore further.

When wind hits the side of a building, the flow of air is altered, and wind that blows over the roof can be swirled up to form a singular vortex or multiple vortices. This produces suction and upward pressure that pulls away from the building. This causes shingles to be pushed or blown off the roof, causing damage that may require repairs or maybe an entire roof replacement if the damage is bad enough.

Shingles can also be lifted off your home if a window or door is smashed by debris during a storm. The rush of air into your home, along with the suction pressure from the outside can also make more shingles lift off your home at a more rapid pace. But, the effects of a storm on your home’s roof vary greatly depending on the height of your roof, its slope, and whether it was properly installed. The best way to prevent shingles from blowing off is to have your roof installed by trusted professionals.

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If you have had shingles blown off by a storm, or if you need any other roof repair or replacement services at your home in Kansas City, MO, contact Bordner today for more information.