What Are the Best Bathtubs?

Best Bathtubs Kansas City MOBathtubs are available in a variety of different materials – fiberglass, ceramic tile, and porcelain, just to name a few. While these options may be suitable for some homeowners, acrylic tubs offer perhaps the best bang for your buck. They are beautiful, sleek, and available in a variety of different colors to fit seamlessly with your bathroom. Plus, unlike ceramic tile and porcelain tubs, acrylic tubs require little to no maintenance. And, compared to other options – including fiberglass – acrylic tubs are more cost-effective.

When all of the factors are considered – appearance, price, and maintenance requirements – it’s easy to see why so many discerning homeowners are opting for acrylic bathtubs. And, when it comes to acrylic tubs, Luxury Bath® manufactures some of the finest products available in the industry.

Acrylic Tubs from Luxury Bath®

Luxury Bath® acrylic replacement bathtubs come equipped with a number of impressive features that help set them apart from other available products. Their tubs are:

  • Made from an acrylic material that is durable and will not warp, bend, or separate, so you can enjoy your new tub for many years to come
  • Infused with Microban® technology, which actively prevents the growth of mold and mildew to help keep your bathroom cleaner and healthier
  • Backed by manufacturer warranties that help to protect your purchase and provide peace of mind about your investment

Bordner Offers & Installs Luxury Bath® Products

Here at Bordner, we pride ourselves on excellence and providing homeowners with lasting products that they can enjoy. That is why we proudly offer and install replacement bathtubs from Luxury Bath®. We believe in these products, and we are confident that they will help you enjoy your bathtub more than ever before.

To learn more about our gorgeous bathtubs or bathtub replacement services, contact Bordner today. We proudly serve Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas.

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