The Endless Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding for Overland Park, KS, Homeowners

Fiber Cement Siding Overland Park KSIf you’re in the market for new home siding, you’ve likely come across a number of different options – wood, vinyl, and fiber cement. Wood and vinyl are viable options for many homeowners, but fiber cement siding from Bordner is the premier choice for homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas, and throughout the surrounding areas. Why is that, exactly? Let’s take a closer look at what makes this state-of-the-art material so impressive.

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding


The top reason that many homeowners choose fiber cement siding over other materials is its unrivaled durability. Fiber cement is designed to provide lasting performance and protection against:

  • Moisture absorption and mold growth
  • Rain, snow, and hail damage
  • Termite and other pest infestation
  • Rot and decay

Wood siding is susceptible to all of the above issues, making fiber cement far superior. Vinyl siding offers many of the same benefits, but fiber cement is unrivaled in terms of longevity. Although fiber cement is a bit of a larger investment than these other two materials, homeowners can expect their siding to last longer and may even increase the re-sale value of their home should they ever decide to sell.


Fiber cement siding also boosts curb appeal and is resistant to fading over the years. This means that homeowners can enjoy gorgeous, vibrant siding for many years to come. Products from industry-leader, James Hardie, in particular, feature ColorPlus® Technology which is a baked-on powder coat that does not fade or succumb to UV ray damage.

Fiber Cement Siding from Bordner

Bordner proudly installs fiber cement siding from James Hardie for Overland Park, KS, homeowners. If you are interested in upgrading the siding on your home with this material, contact us today for more information. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect siding solution.