Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Homeowners in the Kansas City, MO, Area

Bathroom Renovation Kansas City MOUndergoing a bathroom renovation can be a stressful process. From picking the right remodeling company to choosing the ideal bath solution, there are many hurdles that may arise during the process. Not to mention that it can be a costly endeavor. However, bathroom renovations can also be extremely exciting and rewarding. Transforming your bathroom from a dull, outdated space, into a gorgeous oasis is a refreshing way to upgrade your home.

When you decide to undergo a bathroom renovation, you’ll have to decide what you value most. Is safety and easy entry and exit into your bath space a concern? Do you enjoy long soaks as opposed to quick showers? What about affordability? These are all questions you’ll likely want to ask when renovating the bathroom at your home in the Kansas City, MO, area. Here are a few different remodeling ideas that may help you decide on the best solution for you:

  • Replacement tub installation – A quick, cost-effective bathroom renovation solution, replacement bathtubs can be fitted over existing tub structures for a simple upgrade to any bath space.
  • Walk-in tub installation – Walk-in tubs offer the perfect blend of safety and accessibility. Thanks to easy-open doors and a low threshold, these tubs can be entered and exited with ease. Plus, they typically feature seating and grab bars for added safety.
  • Tub-to-shower conversions – For those who do not enjoy long soaks and prefer quick, warm cascading showers may want to opt for a tub-to-shower conversion. Low threshold showers are also safer to enter and exit than traditional bathtubs.

Bordner proudly offers all of these bathroom renovation services, and more. We have years of experience serving the area and installing top-quality bath products from industry-leader Luxury Bath.

For more information about the bathroom renovation services that we offer to homeowners in the Kansas City, MO, area, contact Bordner today.

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