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At Bordner, our guiding principles have always been built around our core values: Kindness Fairness Integrity Protective Perceptive Aggressive 

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“Kevin came out to give us an estimate for new windows and gutters. He was very professional and courteous, he was the epitome of a Customer Service Rep. He answered everything that we threw at him and gave us No BS answers. He was up front and honest with what we would need and what we didn’t. He told us that if we want to get multiple bids, he was fine with that. He said if we weren’t sold then he was fine with that too, he didn’t try to pressure us into anything we didn’t want. He didn’t pester us and pester us to buy the windows and make a decision tonight, and he didn’t storm out like a little girl. He was a wonderful Salesman, in facet the nicest one I have ever met. He didn’t even act like a salesman, he acted like a guy who was here to give us facts and even said some good things about the other companies we have bids from. He even told us that our roof looked in rough shape and that we needed to get our insurance company out to take a look at it. He went out of his way to look at stuff we hadn’t even had him out for. He told us to have the roof looked at before we even talked about having the gutters installed, because it would be extra work for us and him if the roof ended up getting replaced. He was Amazing and I would highly recommend him and Bordner!! We are so excited about our new windows, and to get established with Bordner.”